The Joy photographic essay is a way to explore what makes people happy, what brings them Joy. It is a project that I enjoy a lot because it is an uplifting subject: people’s happiness. This page will document the project progress through the photos I take of people’s joy and describe a little each personality.

Hristijana: The Joy of Cooking

Best Ethnic Radio Presenter award or a real microphone? She’s got the voice for it!

Hristijana is a beautiful woman with so much happiness in her heart. She was the first person I contacted to participate in my Joy photo essay.

Cooking is what bring Hristijana Joy. She loves the opportunity to bring the family together around a table with the food she just cooked. Having migrated from the former Yugoslavia, today Macedonia, she brought her cookbook and her love for being around her family.

Jason: The Joy of Modelling

Jason is a soft hearted, brilliant man that pays a lot of attention to detail. He loves riding his Ducati motorcycle, but his Joy is building models of bikes, cars and airplanes.

In the session, he focused on the current model he is doing, a Ferrari 250 GTO 1962. So much detail going into making this car look like the real thing, but a fraction of the original size. He also showed me his World War I planes.

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