Parameters: Yellow

In this exercise, I will limit myself to photographing with parameters that restrict me.  I am limiting myself and exploring what I can do within the bounds of those limits.  I have chosen 3 parameters:

  • 1 block in the CBD that goes from Bourke Street Mall to Collins Street (see below)
  • Photographing only things that contain something yellow on it
  • Do it for 30 minutes

I will also try to make some the photos in black-and-white to see if they will look good.

Parameters: Yellow block to explore
Parameters: Yellow block to explore

I will fill in the areas bellow as I have taken the photos – publishing of the comments and the photos might be in different dates due to photo development (Lightroom).


I had a very busy day, I went through all my photos.  There were a lot of opportunities with yellow in that block: a lot of construction work happening (who would have thought).  My partner came along and did the exercise also, so here are the top 5 photos from each of us.

My Photos

My Partner’s Photos

Which set was better?

1 comment

  1. I liked the first set of photographs as they were reflective to the colour yellow and you kept restraint within the photographs themselves…,.

    The second set were messy as I don’t think a lot of thought went into the taken of them !!


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