Phillip Island 2021


I will head to to Phillip Island to take photos of The Pinnacles, in Cape Woolamai. The idea came from my friend Stephen, when I visited him on 10/04. He suggested that we do this trip for landscape photography as he had been interested in photographing the Pinnacles.

Initially we were going to stay in Stephen’s camper-trailer, so we were only going to be there for one night. Circumstances have changed and my husband has arranged for accommodation in Corinella (20 minutes from Phillip Island) with a family friend. As a result we are driving down to Corinella on 20/05 (Thrusday) after work and driving back to Melbourne (in my case) on 23/05 (Sunday).

Map of Phillip Island taken from Google Maps.

Stephen and I will take photos of the area (Phillip Island and Corinella) while my husband (Dean) will take the opportunity to fly his drone where permitted in the area. Stephen is a part time (professional) photographer who loves (and is great at) taking landscape photos. I am learning a lot with him.

The Photos

The timing of the trip is quite advantageous. Being post-Autumnal Equinox, makes it that there is more night time than day time. For that, we may be able to take the famous trio of photos I try to take when going on landscape photography trips: Sunset, Night Sky and Sunrise.

Being just one month from Winter Solstice, means that sunset is very early, according to my research, around 5:11pm. Similarly, sunrise will be late, sometime after 7:00am, which gives us plenty of time to: take sunset photos, have dinner, take night sky photos, sleep 8 hours (may be interrupted, depending on when we want to take the night sky photos), and take sunrise photos.

The Milky Way is poised to be behind the Pinnacles around 8:30pm.

Pinnacles Sunset

The sunset photo is pretty straight forward. We will use the Golden Hour and part of the Blue Hour to take photos of rocks. If the sky is clear, we will have to be careful with the sun not interfering in the range of the photo.

We are thinking of being a few meter west of the formation, probably on the rock beach, or maybe in higher ground. The studies I have made so far take into account that we are at the beach.

Pinnacles Night Sky

If we can stay where I am planning for the sunset photo (might have issues with tide and rough waves), then the night sky photo might be a possible repeat of the sunset photo in terms of location.

I have calculated that the Milky Way will be aligned with the Pinnacles at 8:30pm, but at it’s fullest in the sky between 1:00am-2:00am.

The moon will also be at around 68% brightness, which means we will have to account for that. Validating Milky Way and Moon positions during the day (prior to sunset) will help with the composition prior to arriving at the site.

Pinnacles Sunrise

Because we are facing West (best view of the Pinnacles), the sunrise photos will have a warm soft light, without throwing the brightness range off too much. We should be able to get interesting photos.

Corinella Pier Nightsky and Sunrise

After the research done on Corinella and discovered that there aren’t a lot of interesting places to photograph there. There is the Pier, which may be able to produce interesting photos. Because the Milky Way will be poised West of the Pier, that will give us the opportunity to take a photo of it, between 8:00pm-9:00pm.

For sunrise, we will have to position ourselves on the other side of the Pier if we want to get photos with the sun behind it.

The Posts

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So, my next trip is to Phillip Island, as I have mentioned in the post Dawn at the Peninsula. The trip started out by suggestion of a friend to photograph the Pinnacles. We had planned to drive down on Friday (21/05) morning scout the area, photograph (sunset, sunrise). Because it was going to be one […]

Note: the cliff image is not of the Pinnacles, it is of Cape Schanck when I went to the Mornington Peninsula.

Note 2: the map showing Phillips Island and Corinella is a screen shot taken from Google Maps

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