Trips 2021

2021 promises more opportunities for travel and landscape photography than 2020.

In 2020 I had many plans for landscape and wild life photography, none of which came to fruition because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021 I plan on restarting my travels for interesting photography.


  • Redwood Forest (25/01 – 26/01)
  • Mornington Peninsula (21/02) – impromptu
  • Woodend (06/03 – 08/03) – deferred
  • Mornington Peninsula (13/03 – 14/03)
  • Lakes Entrance (12/06 – 14/06)

Latest Posts

Woodend Trip: The End (for now)

A lot has been going on at our residence. With all that has been going on, we decided it was best that we didn’t have the Woodend trip on Labor Day weekend. The reasons are: there has been a significant development in the Joy project, I will go on a weekend trip down to Mornington […]

Impromptu Photography Trip

I would like to say that his happened out of the blue, but it didn’t. Well, a little bit. So, I received a message from a friend of mine (who is also a photographer) earlier today inviting me to come to visit him – “out of the blue”. He has a spare bedroom in his […]

Woodend Trip

The Woodend Trip is in jeopardy. Yesterday our Premier announced that the number of current cases in Victoria has put us in a five day lockdown. Why would a five day lockdown put a trip that’s over 20 days away in jeopardy? Last time our Premier put us in a two week lockdown, we ended […]


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Suggest Something

If you know somewhere photographically interesting for me to visit, please feel free to reach out and suggest.

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