Trips 2021

2021 promises more opportunities for travel and landscape photography than 2020.

In 2020 I had many plans for landscape and wild life photography, none of which came to fruition because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021 I plan on restarting my travels for interesting photography.


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The making of a long weekend

So, my next trip is to Phillip Island, as I have mentioned in the post Dawn at the Peninsula. The trip started out by suggestion of a friend to photograph the Pinnacles. We had planned to drive down on Friday (21/05) morning scout the area, photograph (sunset, sunrise). Because it was going to be one […]

Sunset in Queenscliff

And so I chased my sunset. During scouting of the area for a good photo, I realized my good filters for the wide angle lens had stayed home. I was very upset. Having said that, the solo trip was very energizing. I love Queenscliff as it is a heritage listed town (actually, the only Borough […]


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If you know somewhere photographically interesting for me to visit, please feel free to reach out and suggest.

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