Woodend / Mount Macedon

Woodend has the best Vanilla Slice in all of Victoria.

The Trip

The original intent is to get away from the city on Labor Day (long) Weekend (06/03 – 08/03) and turn it into a photographic opportunity.

Woodend is a quaint little town in the Macedon Ranges area, surrounded by beautiful mountains and a lot of photos waiting to happen. It is also known for having the best Vanilla Slice in Victoria.

As such, my husband and I have chosen to go there for the long weekend and make the most of it. As part of the trip, I have at least three (3) photos I’m planning to take.

We will likely stay three days and two nights. We will take photos, hike and eat vanilla slice.

The trip did not happen and it is currently on-hold.

Planning the Photos

As mentioned above, I am planning 3 photos. As mentioned in the post Landscape Photography, I have started using The Photographers Ephemeris to plan my photos. I am still scouting the locations (remotely) and will confirm if they are adequate locations once I arrive in the Macedon Ranges.


The initial thought for this photo was to take it on Mount Macedon close to Camels Hump, facing Omega block wall. My studies on the sun position and the elevations around have made me reconsider the proposal.

I will now photograph somewhere where the elevation of the mountain and the setting sun will help draw a beautiful picture.

Night Sky

As part of the night sky photo, I am looking for a location where the sky will be very visible with not a lot of ambient light from cities/towns to interfere in the photo.

I am also planning to get an interesting element in the foreground of the photo, using the milky way as a background.


under development

The fact that we are staying (at least) two nights helps with the weather factor: we want clear skies during the night and slightly cloudy skies for sunrise and sunset. Two night provide twice as much a chance of getting the shots we want than if we just stayed one night.

Schematics of the photos will be provided above post the fact.

The Photos

Available only after the completion of the trip.

The Posts

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Woodend Trip

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